Account Management

WorkOrdersDeluxe includes both account and subscription management functionality that can be accessed by clicking the logged in users name, opening a drop down menu.

Managing Your Account

All users have access to the account management screen and can change their own password but only users with the Administrator role can edit the account details and shipping address.

Managing Your Subscription

All users can view the subscription management screen but only the account owner, that is the user that created the WorkOrdersDeluxe account, will have access to the green Manage Your Subscription button.

The Green Manage Your Subscription Button

If the user is logged in as the account owner, he/she will see the green Manage Your Subscription button on the Subscription Management screen. Clicking the button will take the user to our secure subscription management portal powered by Stripe. In that port the user can update payment methods, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel their WorkOrdersDeluxe subscription.


Parts Management

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